Delaware Computer Repair Services

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Apple Repair

The Computer Jocks™ offer fast and affordable Apple computer repair service for Macs, iMacs and Macbooks

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30 Day Warranty

All computer repairs come with 30 day warranty. Computer Jocks™ are dedicated to providing excellent support.

Computer Repair

ImageComputer Jocks™ Delaware computer repair, we pride ourselves on offering fast and affordable computer repair. Our services include things like fixing hardware, viruses, Windows operating system errors, blue screen crashes, and data recovery.
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Laptop Repair

ImageNo one offers better laptop repair in Delaware!  All work is done in our computer repair shop by professional certified computer repair techs. We have repaired thousands of laptop issues like LCD repair, power cord and power jack repair.
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Computer Upgrades

ImageLooking to add new life to your old computer? Upgrading  your computer is cheaper and saves you the effort of learning how to use a new computer.
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Virus & Spyware Removal

ImageComputer infected by a virus? Not only can we remove a virus or spyware infecting your computer, we can also teach you how to avoid them.
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Computer Networking

ImageWe offer home networking services in Delaware. We can connect all the computers and devices in your home seamlessly.
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Tech Services

ImageThere's no limit to what you and your tech can do. We can help you digitize photos and CDs to more advanced stuff like setting up home media servers.
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