Computer Recycling - Delaware


Free Computer Recycling Drop Off. Just bring your unwanted tech to our shop located on RT 40 in Bear, Delaware.

We recycle computers, laptop and smartphones for free. Conveniently located in Bear, Delaware feel free to drop-off computers, laptops, smart phones and other electronic devices anytime during business hours. Consumer electronic devices are full of toxic chemicals should never be tossed in the trash because they require proper disposal.

We Recycle Old or broken Laptops, Computers, Networking Equipment and Servers

Consider the positive benefits of recycling your unwanted computer or laptop. Not only are you doing a small part in protecting the environment, together we can help someone who might not be able to afford a computer.

Recycling your laptop computer with the Computer Jocks™ will help other Delaware residents. We use any working parts to build and resell affordable second hand computers to our community. If you dont belive us we dare you to come into our store and see that we resell computers starting around $100.  By recycling your old computer with us, we can help someone in our community own an affordable computer.  In today's digital age we fell its important that everyone can afford a computer.

The EPA claims that discarded electronic devices account for one of the fastest-growing components of the waste stream. It estimates that more than 250 million computers will be thrown away over the next five years. By Recycling your unwanted computers and laptops you will be helping the environment. We properly dispose of unusable electronics by working closely with our partners in the electronics recycling and disposal industry.

Computer Jocks

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