Computer Upgrades

Serving Delaware with fast, friendly & affordable computer repair.  Computer Jocks™ offer three ways to get your computer upgraded. In-Store, In-Home or Pickup & Return computer upgrade services. We service both home and business customers from Dover to Newark & Wilmington.

Have questions? Stop by our computer repair shop located at 726 Pulaski Hwy Bear, Delaware or Call (302)295-1360


Our Computer Upgrade Services


Computer Setup

Computer Jocks™ can  setup and optimize your new computer or laptop. Service includes transfer of files, music, software and photos from your old computer onto your new computer. We can install your peripheral devices and setup your software. We also provide time to show you how your new computer works.

Services Available:

  • Transfer email accounts from old computer
  • Data Trasnfer to new computer
  • Install and Configuration of Software
  • Update Current Security Patches
  • Setup of Computer Accessories
  • Introduction and Orientation

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Memory Upgrade

Computer memory updrage service. Upgrading your computer's memory (RAM) is the best way to increase overall speed and system performance. Most store bought computers can be made faster by adding more memory.  We evaluate your computer or laptop and make a recommendation based on your system specs. Includes install and testing of the memory in your computer.

A RAM upgrade or memory upgrade will speed up just about any computer or laptop.

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Operating System Upgrade

Computer operating system upgrade service. Often an older computer or laptop can have a second life by upgrading the computers operating system. Our tech will also configure and update the system with current patches. We also optimize your operating system to fit your computing needs.

Services Available:

  • Hard Drive Wipe
  • Data Backup and Data Transfer
  • Operating system OS update and configuration
  • Installation and configuration of software
  • Introduction & Orientation
  • Update current security patches
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Peripheral Device Installation

Install of computer and laptop peripheral devices. Includes install of devices like sound cards, printers, scanners, gaming devices and cameras. Setup of internal and external computer parts and devices. We will even give you an orientation for your new equipment.

Services Available:

PCI, PCIe Card Install
Blu-ray, DVD and CD drives
Digital Camera
Printer Setup
Computer FAX or Scanner Install
External Storage Setup
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Graphic Card Upgrade

Video card upgrade service. Looking to play that cool new game? We can take a look at your computer and make personalized recomendations for a proper video card upgrade for any budget. Computer graphics cards vary in quality and price we can help you pick the right one then install, configure and test it.
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