Computer Upgrade Services
Computer Upgrade Services

Computer Upgrade Services

Delaware computer upgrade service. Computer Jocks can help get your computer back into shape. Often a few minor upgrades and tweaks can bring new life to an older computer. Whether you're looking to get your work done faster or a gamer looking to get better FPS, we can help speed up your computer.

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Computer Upgrades

Serving Delaware with fast, friendly & affordable computer repair. Computer Jocks™ offer three ways to get your computer upgraded. In-Store, In-Home or Pickup & Return computer upgrade services. We service both home and business customers from Dover to Newark & Wilmington.

Have questions? Stop by our computer repair shop located at 726 Pulaski Hwy Bear, Delaware or Call (302)295-1360

Our Computer Upgrade Services


Computer Upgrade Service

Computer Jocks™ can bring any computer or laptop back to its former glory. Any computer can be upgraded and saved from the junk heap. Adding a solid state hard drive, maxing out the memory and servicing the thermal cooling systems are among the many tricks we can utilize to bring your computer back for a second life. Often it is more economical to upgrade your computer costing far less then what a new computer would cost.

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Memory RAM Upgrade

Computer memory upgrade service. Upgrading your computer's memory (RAM) is one of the best ways to increase overall speed and system performance. Most store bought computers can be made faster by adding more RAM or memory. We evaluate your computer or laptop and make a recommendation based on your system specs. Includes install and testing of the memory in your computer. This upgrade usually only takes a few minutes and is very affordable. If your current system has 4GB or less you should seriously consider upgrading your RAM.

A RAM upgrade or memory upgrade will speed up just about any computer or laptop.

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Operating System Upgrade

Computer operating system upgrade service. Often an older computer or laptop can have a second life by upgrading the computers operating system. Our tech will also configure and update the system with current patches. We also optimize your operating system to fit your computing needs.

Services Available:

  • Hard Drive Wipe
  • Data Backup and Data Transfer
  • Operating system OS update and configuration
  • Installation and configuration of software
  • Introduction & Orientation
  • Update current security patches
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Peripheral Device & Computer Component Upgrades

Computers upgrades are one of our many specialties. Install of computer and laptop add on devices can offer endless upgrade options for your computer. Our computer upgrade services include install and setup of devices like sound cards, printers, scanners & gaming video cards to name a few. We offer setup of internal and external computer parts and devices. We will even give you an orientation for your new equipment.

Services Available:

  • CPU processor Upgrades
  • Hard Drive upgrade
  • Solid State Hard Drive upgrade
  • RAM, Memory upgrades
  • Blu-ray, DVD, Burner drive upgrades
  • USB, Firewire, thunderbolt upgrades
  • PCI, PCI-e, addon card upgrades
  • Sound card, audio input/output upgrades
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Graphic Card Upgrade

Video card upgrade service. Looking to play that cool new game? We can take a look at your computer and make personalized recommendations for a proper video card upgrade on any budget. Computer graphics cards vary in quality and price, we can help you pick the right video card then install, configure and test it. Sometimes the most expensive video card may not be the right choice for your gaming rig, We can help you get the most frag for your buck!
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SSD "Solid State Drive" Upgrade

Computer SSD upgrade service. Upgrading your computer's hard drive is hands down the best way to increase overall speed and system performance. Most computers made before 2016 can be made to operate much faster by adding simply upgrading your computers hard drive to a soild state drive. We evaluate your computer or laptop and make a recommendation based on your storage and preformance needs. Often we can clone your older hard drive to a new SSD which means all your data and programs will remain untouched. Every aspect of your computer will get faster games load quicker, websites open faster, file transfer become much faster and your computer will even boot up and shut down much faster. Our SSD upgrade service includes installation, configuration and testing of the new SSD in your computer. We do stock SSD's in store so this service can often be preformed same day or less then 24 hours.

Upgrading your computers hard drive to a SSD "Solid State Drive" can make your computer about 30 times faster then the older hard drive your computer is currently using.

Benifits of upgrading to an SSD:

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No Yearly Contracts

Small business tech support. We offer no contract business tech support and computer repair for Delaware small businesses. No need for an over priced yearly contract .

Digital House Calls

Computer Jocks offers Delaware's best online/remote  tech support. No need to unplug your computer just call us today to setup a remote support session.

Best Computer Repair

Voted best computer repair. We are proud to be Delaware's only shop to win The News Journal Readers' Choice Award, for best local computer repair store eight years in a row 2012 to 2019.